Factory Information

Factory Size
: 10,000 square meters
Factory Location
: Sukabumi, 100 kms. south of Jakarta
QA/QC : Internal
Production Capacity
: 9,000 - 14,000 toys/day
Number of R&D Staff : 20 persons
Factory Certification : ICTI
Contract Manufacturing : OEM Service Offered
Design Service Offered
Buyer Label Offered


  To produce high quality stuffed toys, we use only highly selected materials which are guaranteed for its safety.

We implement strict quality assurance control throughout the production process under supervision of the experts.


In every step, working efficiency is addressed to maintain steadiness both in shape and quality.


To assure the safety of our product, we use the most qualified metal detector for each of the product before being packed.


To secure the appearance of our products at the arrival of the shipments, we use a double-sided corrugated carton box for the packaging.


Factory Code of Conduct :

PT. Royal Puspita committed to :

  • A high-quality standards and good in every aspect of business all over the world.
  • Ethics and responsible behaviour in all our operations.
  • Respect the human rights of all individuals: and
  • Respect to the environment



Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to manufacturing, price fixing, the sale, and distribution of merchandise. All references to "laws and regulations" in the code of conduct include local and national codes, laws and regulations as well as the approval and laws and voluntary industry standards that apply.



The company will provide employees with a workplace that is safe and healthy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, ensuring the availability of clean water and proper sanitation, fire safety; as well as adequate lighting and air flow.



The Company will not employ child labor under the age of 18 (eighteen) years.



The Company will not employ forced or involuntary labor (in overtime), whether in prison, bonded, apprenticeship contract or in any other way.



The company will treat every employee in accordance with human dignity and respect and will not use corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of harassment or arbitrary physical, sexual, psychological or verbal.



The company comply valid law and regulations of working hours, except in high season, the company will ask the employee voluntary to work maximum overtime      (a) 3 hours a day and total maximum main working hours and overtime 60 hours per week or (b) main working hours and overtime based on local law. In addition in high season , the employees have the right at least one day per week.   



The company kown that the wages is  a basic of the emlpoyee needed. The company comply all the law and requirements including wages, overtime, maximum working hours with wages mandated by governments’ minimum wages legislation.



The company respect of the emploee rights of assosiation and collective bargaining by way of lawful, peaceful without punishment.



The company  will comply valid law and requirement about environmental.   



PT. Royal Puspita has commitment to effort saving the energy. That mean well by environment and to reduce production cost that increase every year.



The company forbid all the employee mixed up with illegal activity such as bribery and corruption.



The company will not use sub-contractor to manufacturing product or component without permit from the buyer.



The company will take needed steps to ensure that certainties this code of conduct informed to  the employees, belonging to clearly display at the place which the employees  directly read every moment.

*This document is a translation, if there is a difference of opinion in the interpretation,

the original documentsin the Indonesian language will prevail.