Incorporated in June 1992, PT Royal Puspita started as a small-scale company focusing in stuffed toys manufacturing and exporter. Since the very beginning we commit to quality, safety, competitive price and punctual delivery.

In the recent years, sales figures have increased tremendously while the production capacity is twice the size than it first started and now we have grown and become a leader in the industry in Indonesia. Nowadays our markets have expanded not only in the Europe but also in America, Australia and Asia.

As much as the clients concern on the quality, all of our product are tested and certified with EN71 or ASTM standard. Any harmfull substances such as unsafe dyeing chemical, improper usage of materials or poor workmanship will be detected at the earliest stage. To secure the customers of our standard quality, customers are welcome to do the in-line or pre ex-factory inspectionalthough the production is at all time supervised and controlled very strictly by Korean expertise’s who have more than 15 years of stuffed toys manufacturing.

In this competitive business, we learn that efficiency is a crucial factor to reduce production cost. Presently we operate 400 sewing machines in the factory. In supporting the productivity, we work very closely with home industries of more than 200 machines at the factory vacinity. Normally the production may reach arround 9.000 to 14.000 pieces of stuffed toys per day. We believe that with low overhead and high eficiency, our pricing is in better competition with others

We treat the customer’s time as valuable as ours. We understand that late delivery may cause an extra cost, and bad reputation. Therefore in 1997, as our sister company starts producing plush material such as Boa and Vannel, we have advantage to organize our production schedule more efficiently. Mishaps such as shortage of material can be overcome easily without risking unnecessary delay etc.

Last but not least, we also do care about environmental and health impact of all our operations. Therefore we use our resources efficiently, reduce waste and invest in a water treatment plant.

Today we can proudly claim that after striving for several years, we have gained the trust from our valuable international customers around the world for our sincere commitment.